Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY: Bake to Aid Sudan!

I named it Project Food for Thought.

pineapple tarts

Not that i had the excess brain juices to whip up a cheesy name, or found some desperate way to tide over recession fears. But i began to charge for my yearly festive bakes... for a thought-invigorating purpose.

Sudan's starving in the grip of famine.

Nothing crumples my heart as much as unveiling a mail from the World Children's Fund. Terrible images of skeletal malnutritioned children suffering from a famine crisis in Darfur, Sudan. A letter sincerely appealing for donations to fund the airlifting of food and supplies over.

An empty return envelope.

Tens of thousands of children are at risk, plenty who are abandoned, distressed, endangered, exploited, homeless, hungry, sick or suffering. They need to be rescued. And i wanted to play my part.

This year i have initially planned to do four items- pineapple tarts, kueh bangkit, almond crisps & cashew sugi cookies. Unfortunately due to time constraints, two of them have to be scraped. That was huge regret on my part.

kueh bangkit

That left me with just Pineapple Tarts and Kueh Bangkits to chalk up the amount from. I packed all i could into handy square containers, going for $12 each. Though the final production was minuscule in quantity, i do believe a little goes a long way.

heart-shaped pineapple tarts, $12 for 18 pieces.

Why Food for Thought?

I wanted every piece to remind us of how fortunate we are in terms of food accessibilty, and realise the many still suffering from global disparity. Compared to the children in Sudan and other third-world countries, we are all living in luxury. And this blessed privilege should never be taken for granted.

Share it.
a little goes a long way.

The World Children's Fund, a donor funded organisation.


  1. That was a really noble thing to do! I take my hat off to you young lady!

  2. I wouldn't call it noble, but meaningful/purposeful instead. Every little effort goes a long way but most importantly, its from the heart!

    "You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give." - Khalil Gibran

  3. Nice effort... They will definitely feel your love...

  4. sihan: hey girl, thanks for the comment (: but no la, wasn't anything noble.. my contribution was just a small one =p

    fatpig: hahas agree! wah still got quote somemore =D

    Fen: yupp i really do hope it could help them. in the past i never realised how terrible their living conditions are.



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