Friday, January 2, 2009

Hog's Breath Cafe

I dig big portions of food.
I adore set lunch prices.

But somehow, many set lunches lately have either downsized to ungratifying sizes or downgraded to substandard qualities. (blame inflation!)
Note: This does not apply to Hog's Breath.
As big as the menu stands, the portions surface. I have always left HBC with a fully-filled tummy (even when plates are unfinished), and i'm glad to realize that even after the rising costs/inflation/recession upsurge, servings are not compromised on.
Just remember...
Hog's Breath's Set Lunch Time!

Cost incurrences depend on the individual, whether you choose to go light with a $12 Chicken & Ranch Salad or splurge on the $19 18-hour Slow Cooked Prime Rib. Everything else on the 9-selection-long list lies inbetween- there's bound to be something for everyone!

Pumpkin Soup

There must have been some festive relation to the soup-of-the-day. Their Pumpkin Soup is a tad dilute, where the cream is just sufficient to create the milky consistency and not delivering into richness. Won't fill you yet.

Crispy Chicken & Ranch Salad ($12)

For dieters, the Crispy Chicken & Ranch Salad would keep the guilt-level slightly lower. Crumbed chicken breast strips with bacon pieces, shredded cheese, tiny potato chunks and mixed salad greens, gently topped with Ranch dressing... my friend did feel encouraged. hah.

Fish & Chips ($14)

For alcoholics, the beer-battered Fish & Chips would seem tremendously enticing. A pity it turned out more like a delusion for the two highly-hoping ladies, they claimed it was nothing to rave about. But choosing to remain least the fish came in two large chunks.

Pan Fried Dory Fish Fillets ($14)

And for seafood-lovers like me (who's non-dieting and non-alcoholic LOL), the Pan Fried Dory Fish Fillets can get you credulously convinced. Thick fish fillets and shell-on prawns are served with salad, fries, and a delectable honey mustard to lick off~

Now, if only what came was the authentic Hog's Tail Fries as listed, we would have felt more cajoled. Those soggy straight-cuts were truly disappointing.
You should be at least 70% full by now.

Mississippi Mud Cake

Apple Crumble

Then desserts bang right in. The pair of chocoholics got their obvious choice, Mississippi Mud Cake that tasted as black as it looked. I took a mere nibble and found it too dry. There's always the second selection for the non-chocoholics (like me) or any chocoholics-but-wishes-to-take-a-temporary-break-for-the-day...the Apple Crumble served with caramel crème. Messy, unfascinating, but still a chocolate-free alternative hah. Both are icecream-substantiated.

I presume we were all full by billtime.

No drinks are included except water, you could add $2.00 for a glass of Coke, Sprite, Iced Lemon Tea, coffee or tea. Which may come in useful while you have the desserts.
We may not be completely impressed by the food, but neither have we been badly disappointed. The main draw is, PORTIONS ARE SATISFYING. If you're not too fussy, this is the place to go when you're hungry.

Mr. Moses Lim says it all.

Hog's Breath Cafe
1 HarbourFront Walk
#03-07A VivoCity
6376 8378


  1. there's plenty of excellent set lunches around, 3 course for 38++ game enough? haha. And you are failing in your public relations. what's with the no-reply-comment-policy? you need to interact with your biggest fan. lol!

  2. oops =D haha wah since when have you became my fan? but but, $30 and above for a lunch is alot =p

  3. $38++ for set lunch is standard for most fine/semi fine dining restaurants now.

  4. Aye. that's not very nice of you. go and read all your recent posts, every one have my comment in it ok. like that still not consider fan? haha

    wow even fatpig come and leave comment. haha. yeah 38++ is kind of standard for most (better) restaurants. while its worth it when you compare with their a la carte menu where one main course for dinner can reach 30-40. haha



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