Friday, December 18, 2009

Strawberry Extortion!

If there's one berry capable of trascending you to Berry Heaven, its got to be japanese strawberries. Hakata-bred. 110% plump, sweet and voluptuously juicy, almost juice-squirtingly amazing.

Look here's what i bought from a friendly old man at Yanagawa, Kyushu...

The Hakata 博多 berries on the right cost me ¥350 a punnet, which works out to about S$5.60. One full punnet of bliss.

And guess what i saw at Isetan Shaw, Orchard Road?

Glaring extortion!

Now i regret not buying down the whole stall from the old man.


  1. transportation fees la. most imported products are like that what. Toyota car can cost only $15K somewhere but in Singapre, at its peak was 120K! !

  2. Oh wow... You went to Fukuoka? Any entries planned on your gourmet encounter/s there? Was there just last week as well.

  3. I share your sentiments on the price of strawberries, and incidently, I was in Kyushu last year the same time that you were! I stuffed myself silly with strawberry goodness that I swear my complexion radiated from anti-oxidant bliss. Actually, I think I stuffed myself with every possible edible thing I could find while walking down the streets. How I miss them so.

    Awesome blog you've got going on! Love the pictures!

  4. Pocket Rocket: what a coincidence! hope u had a great trip, cos i really liked the place!

    licketysplat: my regret was that i didn't stuff myself with enough berries hehe x) Yes i miss them too, especially missing the icecreams...



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