Sunday, December 20, 2009

La Strada

I'm having full faith in the Les Amis Group, since all my experiences with them have been disgruntlement-free so far. From splendid Au Jardin to the unparalleled Aoki to dandy Canele Patisserie, memories remain sweet and pleasant (: Next up: their italian counterpart.

La Strada offers a set lunch at $28++ (2 courses) or $34++ (3 courses), with three selections available per course.

In the bread basket was a decent ciabatta and wedges of their wood-fired pizza crusts smeared with tomato and herbs.

Butternut pumpkin soup

Memories were blurry from the few sips of butternut pumpkin soup i took, except it not falling into the too-thick or too-dilute extremes.

Smoked salmon with yogurt dill dressing

Smoked salmon is always my prime choice; even if this was just an average-joe smoked salmon salad comprising dressed mesclun, capers, mini croutons, balsamic glaze & olive oil drizzles.... Hmmm and was there supposed to be a yogurt dill dressing?

Char grilled 70 day grain-fed sirloin beef, mesclun salad, cream potatoes

Hearing the title of a '70 day grain-fed sirloin beef' is enough to make any beef-loving human smile. And indeed, the beef-lover across me spoke only praises of his tender, well-grilled steak served with creamy mash.

Pan-fried Salmon with mesclun salad, roasted new potatoes

For a non beef eater-cum-salmon fan like me, the choice is none other than a panfried salmon steak. La Strada's execution of the mundane dish was creditable... The skin was seared to a skillful crisp, flesh kept delicate, slightly rawish in the middle & pleasurably fat-laced ooooohhh. It's been a while since i had a decorous salmon steak like that.


Their puffy light tiramisu-in-a-teacup was decent at best, without distinctly stunning details.

Orange ice nougatine

The orange ice nougatine was essentially a mascarpone parfait with chockfull of nuts & candied fruits, set over a chocolate feuillete base. I liked the nutty textures and christmas-y feel attached to it... makes me wanna sing the chipmunk song haha. Eat it quick before you start to see a grossly melted mush on your plate.

Planning to return for a taste of their famed pastas.

La Strada
1 Scotts Road
#01-10/11 Shaw Centre
6737 2555


  1. Yay I like their salmon too! Very impressed with how consistently yummy it is every visit.

  2. Well, your "beef-lover" needs to go to GORDON GRILL AT GOODWOOD PARK HOTEL, right Elaine? ;)

    Ah, splendid tenderloin and cheek *drool* yums!

  3. py: wow so im not the only fan... looks like they're really pretty skilled in salmon!

    harris: haha yes i told him immediately when i came home (its DD =p)and he's so tempted to visit Gordon too (:

  4. Merry Christmas, Elaine :D

    Hope to meet up real soon...

  5. merry xmas to you fen (& yuan)! enjoy the festive holidays... yup meet up soon (:



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