Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bakeeelicious Christmas

So what's baking this christmas?

X'mas is all about our annual family get-together, with me contributing some sugary treats to the party spread. This year's desserts is no grand affair, nothing fanciful or complex, just edible bites to appease the sweet tooth(s) of both young & old.

On a side note, Dad requested for some cookies as gifts for his colleagues. Shed some sleep to bake an assortment of pinwheel, checkerboard, chocolate-chip walnut & winnie-the-pooh danish cookies, then packed them into little snowman bags ready to give away. Childish, but i like them cute this way!

Pinwheel Butter Cookies

Chocolate-chip & Walnut Cookies

Cookies N' Cream Cupcakes w Buttercream

Cranberry Orange Cupcakes w Rose Icing

Macha Madeleines

Chocolate Walnut Brownies

Duo-tone Strawberry Marshmallows

Each of them had their share of supporters phew. And the feeling of watching others chow down your food with glee is simply contenting! For a moment, all the invested money, efforts, forfeited sleep & time gets effaced (:

My personal favorite had to be the walnut brownie. Totally loved the way it turned out- crisp flaky crust, soft moist interiors (without the irksome brownie-stickyness), starring plenty of walnuts. I used a mix of semi-sweet chocolate and cocoa powder in my batter so the sweetness is controlled. yummieebrownieelicious~

And what's christmas without a requisite logcake?

Forget the swissroll & buttercream tales from before. This year i attempted a french-style Chestnut Yule Log, assembling a few of my own unprofessional & haphazard ideas...

French chestnut mousse, vanilla bavarian cream, praline crunch, almond succes, candied roasted chestnuts. Tasted real sweet.

bite in.

With a wink, christmas is history & a brand new year approaches... Time to round up my best meals of 2009 and start on new year resolutions.

Have a blessed festive season!


  1. Wow, how long do u need to bake everything, that looks like a whole lot of goodies, particularly the log cake, looks so neat and yummy...

    Christmas is indeed a family-get-together and is one festival that I always look forward to every year... But those are the few days which I will ditch the sugar to enjoy more savouries :D

  2. haha... nice treaties! =)

  3. looking at your bakes, it reminds me that I've not been baking for such a long time! The last thing I ever bake this year was bread pudding! New year coming up, more cny goodies!

  4. so many goodies! have a good new year :)

  5. wowwwww...very impressive elaine! happy 2010!

  6. WOW! Chestnut log.. YUM.

    Happy new year, girl! 2010 is going to be a year of adventure for you! =D

  7. ur baking skills r amazing! woots... heehee... nice pics too.. happy new yr 2 u. :)

  8. fen: no surprise about you ditching the sweet food... you're constantly eating cakes so its time for some 咸咸的 haha. hope you had alot of yummy food this xmas! (:

    matt: thanks! cherry pie for you in 2010 i promise.

    angeline: yup bake new year goodies! i used to do them every year but this year can't already.. so you should bake and i kope from you hehe

    lic, foodaholic, mfs, chloe: HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU TOO! keep the yummies coming =D

  9. hello! wow your bakes look great. the logcake looks like e one from obolo! =)

  10. W.O.W. Your baking skills are awesome! All I baked for Christmas was a stollen and frosted a log cake (for fun but turned out terrible xD). I'm drooling over your chestnut yule log already- love chestnuts!

  11. Yea, I am. You cannot imagine the amount of meat I have been eating till the extent a week of gym didn't help to bring my waistline down...

    It is ok, tis the festive period, we live to eat, indulge and enjoy and I would like to wish you Happy New Year.

    May the brand new year brings you more baking inspirations and I wish you all the best for your A levels.

    Must get Harris to organize more outings to meet up. Looking forward to meeting once again.

  12. thank you all for the comments (:

    fen: must be all that turkey & ham haha. yup enjoying the nice food is most impt, im sure all the foodies would agree =D

    Thanks for the wishes! hope you have a great, cakes-aplenty new year too fen... catch up with you soon (:



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