Sunday, December 27, 2009

OSO Ristorante

After my last paper i soared into the skies with lightest mood and landed at Bukit Pasoh. Right next to Absinthe. Just me, my favourite person & my favourite cuisine...

Oso blissed the evening. They executed every proper demeanor a fine dining should possess, with service matched by few others. Chef Diego's food was spick-and-span and nothing to fault about.

If there's one thing to nitpick about Oso, it would be their breads. Sad to say none of the focaccia, wholewheat loaf & flat grissini arrived warm or particularly appetizing, even for a ravenous bread junkie like me.

For starters we shared a panfried eggs 'tegamino'. Here's half a portion, for the kitchen thoughtfully split it into 2 individual portions for us. There's black truffle puree, melted cheese and a cheery sunnyside up melded altogether within each little pan, served with bread crisps & a rosemary stalk for smells.

It takes diligence to whizz up a good pesto, and punctiliousness to use it well. At Oso the Linguine Vongole with fresh baby clams is coated in a basil pesto dye, making it a welcoming change from the usual white vongole. Dad enjoyed his green vongole.

Because monkfish cheek tagliolini was removed from the menu, i opted for my next best alternative...what else but Seafood Pasta haha.

The kitchen kindly obliged to switch spaghetti to tagliolini for me and served up a marinara prim & proper. Its real heartening to tuck into a virtuous plate of nicely cooked homemade strands, fresh seafood, garlic pieces and a subtle yet palatable red sauce. I didn't go head-over-heels but i happily slurped up to the very end.


And then i have to share about my love-hate relationship with the Dark Chocolate Crostata.

Loved the semi-oozy 70% dark chocolate fillings seeping out of its immaculate tart shell, blessed with a petite scoop of milk gelato. Think Hokkaido-milk-richness possessed in italian body, melted over those decadent gooey innards.... Totally sublime!

Hated the lingering cocoa aura that got me thirsting for more.

chef slicing cold cuts ala-order!

OSO easily clinched my favour. Having endured weeks of grueling exams, a spotless dinner like this is exactly what i needed. I'm officially putting them in my list of Italian reliables; one of those you could go knowing you won't be disappointed.

OSO is for keeps (:

OSO Ristorante
46 Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089858
6327 8378


  1. "what else but Seafood Pasta haha" hahaha.

    I know where & what you went head-over-heels over. (:

    Love the chocolate crostata!

  2. I want that chocolate tart!! Ooolala~~



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