Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Mugging Companion...

froyo, froyo and lots of froyo!
Here's a BerryLite small original topped with pomegranate seeds, almond flakes & a messy cap of green tea powder. Just as im excitedly preparing to share my latest food adventures (& progressing out of blogging-procrastination), the second set of blocktests have to hit ): while other schoolgoers embark on their month-long vacation, im banished back into mugging mode again. Mister SLR currently takes its well-deserved break at home to create bag space for those piles of studying materials.

The downsides of day-camping in a froyo shop?

Moderation mysteriously vanishes from the dictionary. Be it Berrylite, Slurps n Scoops, Yoguru, Red Mango, WhYogurt, the Yogurt Place (maybe Yami yogurt?)... i can't get enough of anything yogurt AND frozen. yums.

& the knitted bonds of their staffs triggered envy. i miss the waitressing times at Pastamania, and all my lovely colleagues there who tripled the fun (: Alrites, time to plonk back to the notes and countdown to (the end of) my 3.5 hour paper when dawn breaks...

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