Wednesday, May 13, 2009

P.S. Cafe, Palais Rennaisance

I felt like i was in a cake museum staring at monstrous exhibits. The Pineapple Meringue Tart was eye-rubbingly unbelievable in stature.

5 out of 10
would feel intimidated, eventually evade from the calorific sin.

2 out of 10
would find a friend and share the joy over cautious forkfuls.

2 out of 10
would aim to have it all alone but surrender at the 3rd quarter.

The sole dessert junkie would clean it up & burp bubbles of glee.

& there's always one girl who loves her vanilla beanies sooo much, she'll attempt to force a scoop of VB icecream on her desserts, no matter big or small.
that's me (:

No dieticians will approve of cheesecake & icecream on a plate but i'm highly magnaminous towards even the most mismatched bliss. Take for instance, the peculiar LEMON-GINGER-CHEESE coupling in PS's Lemony Ginger Cheesecake ($12.90). Fluffy cheese entwining a mist of lemon and the unpertubing root spice... gingerly secures a spot in the cheesecake-favourites!

The Vanilla Bean Icecream ($2) was just too dwarfly for my giant icecream appetite.

The serious chocolate lovers would go gaga over the massive Chocolate Crunch Doorstop Cake ($15.90), cramming caramelized nuts between C mousse & dense C cake. Because even i almost got tippled over to the (C)dark side.

What's a good cake without its complementary partner. The soothing effect of hot Chamomile Tea was indeed helpful. & now im drooling for more Sticky Lemon Florentine / GINGER pudding/ M's Carrot Cake, blah blah...
in hope of clinching the Dessert Junkie title soon.

P.S. I fancy skyhigh desserts.

with a scoop of VB icecream.

390 Orchard Road
#02-09A Palais Rennaisance

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