Monday, May 4, 2009

Timbre, The Arts House

You can count on places like Timbre to prove the hey, pizza's not just about Italians! vindications. Cause a recent experience here only made my fetish (for pizzas) grow fonder.

It was an insane night. We endured curious stares from neighbouring drinkers/snackers as the two of us crammed our tiny table with bulky pizza boards instead of Timbre's alcoholic concoctions. Warning: sharing a pizza for dinner is not part my nature.

Gosh how i loved their pizzas!

Timbre's Seafood prawns, squid rings, mussels, sliced red chilli German Sausage & Peppers spicy debreziner, cheese pork sausage, herbed pork sausages, capsicums

Tandoori Chicken grilled chicken breast in tandoori spice, roma tomatoes, grilled yellow n green zucchinis, sliced yellow onions Roasted Garlic Shrimp shrimp, sliced yellow onions, roasted garlic

I present 5 concise facts about TB's pizzas & misc:

1) Half-and-Half is a smart way to go. At $19 for a considerably large size, you can savour double tastes from their 20-odd variety. being thin-crusted makes polishing off as easy as A-B-C.

2) Beware of their no-cutleries stance (prolly LittleIndia-adopted). only dessert forks come upon request, sufficient for you to salvage any fallen toppings or keep up with mum's stubborn darling,no-eating-with-your-hands-please! principle

3) Service was poor/bad/terrible. no ONE soul who works for passion detected. most are trained in forgetting your requests or not acknowledging observance at all.

4) Cheese gow gow, toppings measly. be it meat or seafood, our orders arrived relatively bald with that exception of nourishing cheese blanket.

5) Nevertheless, i laid on pizzacloud9 chewing on my few garlicky prawns & charsiew-lookalike tandoori chicken atop baked naan-y bases and cheesy mozzarella mediators. shiok.

*in M1's signature advertisement style*

... I.. LOVE IT!

(both thumbs up + head shaking inclusive)

The Grilled Chicken Kebabs ($8.90) hot off the grill was a also kickass sidekick! you've got nice meat chunks, pineapple cubes, mango salsa... & everything sweet and spicy to win another set of praises...

nah i won't continue. i'll end off with.. enough said.

1 Old Parliament Lane
#01-04 The Arts House
6336 3386

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  1. hey! u shld go to timbre at armenian on sat nights 9pm onwards, the live band and the foood... simply paradise on earth. =)



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