Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tatsu Sushi

I call this real sushi.

Almost periodically, i dine out with a good friend of mine & we seem to possess this undetachable affinity with Japanese food. This time because Capella was closed for lunch, we made two rounds at Chijmes until.... we found TATSU.

I give up defying that spell.

Tatsu falls in the smallish japanese restaurant category- cosy interiors and ungimmicky food. Just the type i love to linger in. Bonusing that was warm and attentive service (since there are so few tables to attend to), from both the restaurant manager and waitresses. I was so close to the sushi bar i had chefs observing my every move and after-swallowing expressions. gasps.


The Chawanmushi (inclusive in set lunches) was far from silky or smooth to deliver a perfect kickstart, but nonetheless homey dovey. Not adeptly mastered in texture just like your homemade steamed tofu.

Tatsu Bento

A Tatsu Bento ($28.80) best suits the in-the-mood-for-anything easygoers. Worthy quintessentials of sushi, sashimi, tempura and salad all under one roof. Their salmon sashimi was so unreservingly lubricated with fats, the whole piece just slides sexily down your throat. gorgeous feeeeling.

Chef's selection of Sushi

And real sushi is what they render. Sushi is best like Tweety- big head, small body. Being generous with rice is clearly a backfiring idea. When i say real, i mean decent cuts of fish/seafood blanketed over finger-wide rice clumps. Plump and not overly sticky clumps of vinegared rice. That is Tatsu's sushi. Comes with a pretty name-marked tamagoyaki, which would be better sweet than savoury.

Miso Codfish

The main lead of my Gintara & Sushi Set ($22.80) was of course, the reason why i ordered it. Best is not the word but this is one evenly glazed miso codfish i won't waste a flake of.

Seasonal Fruits

Yuzu Sorbet

Knowing me, i'll always summon something sweet (and sweeter than fruits) to conclude my meal. Their Yuzu Sorbet ($5) is citrusy refreshing and the perfect implement to wash away those traces of loitering fatty oils.

For the unadventurous japanese foodies, or the adventurous but bafflingly craving for some down-to-earth fare... Tatsu has the type of package to feed.

Tatsu Sushi
30 Victoria Street
#01-16/18 Chijmes
6332 5868


  1. This used to be my fav Jap restaurant. Ronnie from Tatsuya started here.

  2. oh no wonder the similarity in their chinese names! =D Tatsuya's food is unquestionably better but there is this homely, cosy feeling about this place (:



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