Monday, August 3, 2009

Milca Hokkaido Icecream

Ahh... this is finally getting close.

Having tasted almost all icecream sights & sounds at Hokkaido (a proud record of 20+ icecreams within 8 days!) puts down the resplendence of our local produce. The secret to Hokkaido's soft icecream lies in their high milkfat content. Hover it between 7 to 20% and you peak icecream bliss.


*back on cloud nine. Milca's softserve boasts of premium milky richness in every lick, like how the Hokkaido-ians do it. The Mixed Berry Sundae ($7.50) triple pleases with a fresh chunky berry sauce and crispy cornflakes surprise underneath. Absolutely yummmmmilicious.

I'll oust the skinny gelatos for this anytime.

An icecream sabbatical? Never in my life.

Milca Hokkaido Soft Icecream
ION Orchard
Food Basement

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