Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Project Build-a-Burger

Mushroom Swiss Junior

That week of LOA, i made myself burger lunches for two consecutive days in a row. The first, a random idea of stashing ham & grilled pineapples into the regular pork burger. Named it The Hawaiian- pork pattie, mozzarella meltdown, honey baked ham, maple-glazed pineapples and a murky tomato aioli. Clearly 100% intentional to mimick the trusty components of everybody's favourite pizza. Turned out mutinously yum yum but so slipshod, im hesitant to even show.

Things got sunnier on Day 2. A familiar Mushroom Swiss Burger i can finally be proud to call my own. Changed the buns, downsized the portions, swapped the usuals for better swiss cheese & baby rocket and the assembly instantly upped a notch. The worchester-spiked brown gravy was seriously tasty. Plus i like my food petite and handy so i should jolly well scale my burgers mini from today.

Narcissus button mushrooms it is... cos i don't recall having fresh funghi in any of my MSB encounters. Canned ones are classic for those who chomp on BK and Kentucky often enough. Truthfully enjoyed my MSB Juniors! Especially in that period of stale meals and quarantine boredom. *jumps for burger success.

Last but least (not a typo if you're wondering),
a peek of that embarassing pizza-inspired burger to close up Project BAB.


  1. not only good. looks DAMM TASTY!

  2. thankyou girls for the kind comments (: but its really still not that good as it sounds =p so many better burgers out there now... everyone is doing burgers all of sudden!



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