Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chocolate Praline Royale

Hazelnut Feuilletine. Chocolate Sponge. Milk Chocolate Mousse. Dark Chocolate Ganache. Raspberry.

Don't you just love cakes with praline feuilletine?

When i was a child i used to like the Coco Exotic Cake from Four Leaves Bakery. It is chocolately all within and had a crunchy layer that sparkles in the mouth. Then i formed my naive assumptions about it: skeleton of my cornflakes cereals, taste of Ferrero Rocher and texture of chocolate wafer biscuits. Really thought they were made of those!

Until all grown up and learning the true art of cakes & pastries.

Fact is, Praline Feuilletine comprises a simple mix of hazelnut praline, feuilletine flakes and chocolate. All purchasable at specialized baking stores. But for a virgin attempt, i convinced myself i should make my own praline paste (thankgod it worked!). The nuts were really costly things to think about but when the smooth, glossy praline paste emerges.. the result is ultra rewarding. Anything hazelnutty smells so good!

Alternated layers of chocolate fudge sponge, milk chocolate mousse over the praline feuilletine base and coated the top with a dark chocolate ganache to snip the sweetness. The family loved the final product (thanks to the base) but felt that more crunch would be better. Perhaps next time, i'll make double or triple feuilletine layers haha.

And when im lazy, i'll get my slice from Four Leaves or Prive Cafe (:


  1. this is just totally my kind of cake! can i have one slice? :)

  2. haha no probs.. when the second (multiple crunchy layers) attempt comes one, one slice is yours provided you are willing to try =p

  3. hi eggtoast... oh its all thanks to the pure white background & natural sunlight, else they wouldn't be so clear =D

  4. Hi Elaine,

    Nice catching up this afternoon and I did recall seeing this entry but might have missed out the ingredients....

    Thanks for sharing, looking forward to meeting up again...

    All the best for your A levels, study hard :D

  5. Hi Elaine, I was searching for a feuilletine base recipe and stumble upon your blog! Lovely blog! From your description, i think i need to have hazelnut praline if i want to make the base right? How to make it? I need the recipe tomorrow! :P

    By the way, I used to think that the base was made of chocolate wafer too and I even attempted at it before and I think it works ok?!

    Hope to hear from you soon. :) You can email me at if you want. :)

  6. Hey, can I know where in Singapore you got your feuilletine flakes from? And did you make the nut butter yourself?

    I'm a cake connoisseur and run a cake review blog that you might be interested in.



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