Sunday, July 26, 2009

Surreal Surprise with Bob Blumer

A Cooking Workshop with Bob Blumer
18 July 2009, Saturday
Sunrice Global Chefs Academy, Fort Canning Centre


Bob, Bob, Bob. There is a stark reason why teachers are addressed by surnames but chefs by their names. Teachers are figures whom you (ought to) respect. Chefs are figures whom you respect and, if given a chance, can have ultimate fun with.

Cooking with Bob Blumer was FAB.

The celebrity chef was here to promote his television series Glutton For Punishment, and held an exclusive chef-meet-fans cooking session for lucky contest winners. All thanks to Discovery Travel & Living, i was honoured to be invited to cover the event on Divine Essentials. Extremely thrilled!

all prepped and waiting for chef...

aprons on & we get started!

A total of 3 (fried) dishes were taught- simple yet delicious and beautified by bob's novel presentations. He first demonstrates the procedure then we're off to recreate the dishes on our own. Hands-on session!

The canadian-born's confidence was no different off-screen. No gaps between chef & students, Bob was totally candid and approachable. I really enjoyed interacting with an such affable chef.

Bob's Lemon-Glazed Chicken Popsicles

Bob's Coconut Shrimp Lollipops

Bob's Chocolate Kiss Wantons

Our turn!

My lovely partner Cheryl (thebakerwhocooks) and i made a great pair. We didn't flop things up (only minor glitches here & there cos of the user-unfriendly induction stove) and our dishes turned out yummy! Credits to the failproof recipes~

Our Chicken Popsicles

Loved the breaded chicken popsicles. fragrant with plenty of Parmigiano Reggiano and tasted super great with bob's simple-yet-brilliant drizzle of lemon glaze. (we two called it the lemon reduction made by deglazing the pan..)

Our Coconut Shrimp Lollipops

Coated with batter and FRESHLY grated coconuts. Bob did the tangy apricot-ginger dipping sauce for everyone. It was lovely and unaminously agreed: goes well with anything (deep-fried)!

a banana-peanutbutter-caramel hershey's-filled wanton anyone?

caution: 105% sinful.

Now before you start generalizing chefs as stern domineering fellas who thump hard on kitchen hands (think Ramsay)... think of Bob, and you'll think fun.

Be sure to catch more Bob (extreme)action on the brand new season 3 of Glutton for Punishment, airing every Thursdays 10.30pm on Discovery Travel & Living (CableTV Channel 16). I certainly will!

Note: My sincere thanks to Priya & Rita of Weber Shandwick, as well as the many from Discovery Living & Travel for the media invitation. And thank you Bob for entertaining our cameras!

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  1. so lucky you girls! i'm a big fan of bob blumer and i so adore his toaster mobile. looks like he's aged a lot since his crazy hair and pyjames days but there's still this twinkle in his eyes that makes him irresistable! haha.



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