Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Farewell, YoguBliss

Goodbye in 2 weeks.

I'm certainly not a diehard fan of YoguBliss (nuts about Yoguru's Original!) but my universal love for yogurt took me here for a terminal cup. A little pink wouldn't hurt. Especially when it is boosted with dragonfruit & pomegranate antioxidants.

Can't wait for the new flavour to be launched!
What will it be.... Mango? Rockmelon?
Surprise me!


  1. oh.. speaking of yogurt. I had some from red mango that day and it was really good. Still not as good as yoguru's though.

  2. yupp yoguru's no.1 on my yogurt list, followed by Red Mango!(: don't really like frolick though.. its not milky enough for me.

  3. totally agree. and because of it's low milk content.. it melts so easily. yucks. If you ever travel to australia, you must try jalna's yogurt. readily available on supermaket shelves.. it's reallie the best! creamy and damm good!



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