Monday, July 27, 2009

Mondo Mio: Spell A-v-e-r-a-g-e

Average seems to be the toughest word.

Mondo Mio at Robertson Quay, is your typical average-joe Italian restaurant. Given the middlingness of my meal, i innately left this very backdated entry unpublished due to my scarce recollections.


Because nothing jumped out of the average box.

Nothing much asparagussy came out of their Asparagus Soup. Bulk of it was watered down by stock and cream. average.

Spaghetti aglio e olio con Prosciutto e Rucola

Forget that lengthy name. The Parma Ham Aglio Olio (in short) was erm, spaghetti aglio olio topped with parma ham and bitter rocket? Dotted with some dried pepper flakes to become common-sensically edible.

Sidetrack: Aged arugula may be bitter by nature but nothing can overpower the bitter rocket leaves of my Smoked Duck Salad at Mietta's. That one was... almost inedible.

Backtrack: Not the mindblowing aglio. hence average.

Tagliatelle ai Gamberi e Cappesante con Pomodori Secchi

I reckon i was feeling adventurous that night. Adventurous enough to order their homemade tagliatelle with (lousy)prawns, (one)scallop & sundried tomatoes in a light tomato sauce. Anything homemade about pasta requires an intuitional trust, and i was convinced i never had it in them. The banmian-lookalike sheets got obsessively commerced in their own twister/ we-love-uhu-glue game, which didn't succumb one bit to the tomato grease. A single lift displaces the entire colony off the plate! whoa.

Verdict: The pasta was quite a disaster. Cleared it up because i was hungry, and that robust sauce made it rather appetising. means... average.

Desserts were scribbled on a portable chalkboard, personally presented by the waiter on duty. They've got a neat piece (i mean literally) of Tiramisu which didn't draw any visible lines in my mind. Guess the word i'll say.

I remembered seeing a chocolate panna cotta on the list but somehow chose the Amaretto Parfait as final statement. Alas. A step out. There's icecream, amaretto, chopped nuts, chocolate chips... quite an aftermeal guilt-shot to feel good about.

It happens, having places which fail to leave visible imprints in your mind. Neither did the food, ambience or service shone. Nor did they whacked too nastily to be remembered. Sad to be boring cause it makes writing more arduous than usual.

Im sorry but im ending off with another, average.

Note to self: find out more about SOUTH italian cuisine!

Mondo Mio
30 Robertson Quay
#01-02S Riverside View

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