Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nanbantei, Far East Plaza

Wasabi Tei's the reason. Dejected by Wasabi Tei's restday on a wednesday, i found myself stepping into the doors of NBT in hope of a satisfying Japanese dinner... Yakitori is never a bad alternative.

Being my second time here (the first for lunch) naturally halved the suspense of what to expect. Watching the conscientious chefs' constant stick-flipping, sprinkling of salt, careful fire control... was attention-seizing enough to keep our minds off the lunch-dinner price disparity.

A starter memorable from first visit was the Dashi Maki Tamago ($6), served middling between chilled and lukewarm. Good maki tamagos are rare in Singapore, and ever since a trip to Hokkaido, i held even lesser faith in mediocre versions. It was nice to see this come beautifully composed of clearly distinct layers, which speaks so much of the chef's masterful egg-rolling technique.

Yakitori fans would probably figure ala carte wasn't the best route to hitch, especially when they had well-assembled set dinners to save wallets . The mixed sashimi platter, part of the Sashimi Set dinner ($32), is one of raw fish slices so generous in thickness. Salmon, tuna,'ve got it all.

Paid minimal attention to the details of Chef's choice of 8 yakitori sticks. Grab, bite, pull, savour was all i did, with my eyes closely fixed on the live action ahead. Things like the grilled okra, bacon-wrapped tomatoes (that bursts) & beef skewers clamoured much adoration from my partner.

Thinking 8 skewers would suffice, i diverted my orders back to ala carte selections. The Teriyaki Cod fish ($12) departed from the same trusty grill, forced with the same charred imprints but a tad dismissable in size.

Nanbantei's Cha Soba ($9) insists on authenticity when it comes to presentation and condiments. Nothing fell short in accompanying the bamboo tray and dipping sauce... noodles reflected perfect blanching, while that raw quail egg kept the dish at its most traditional.

Our food proved it. Nanbantei should be a reason on its own to come for, not a substitute for anywhere else's closure. I'm sure the Japanese expats around us would agree. Now if only their waitresses could look into their service... treat customers as equals regardless of age or nationality AND dutifully respond to tea-refilling requests, this meal would have been very much more enjoyable.

14 Scotts Road
#05-132 Far East Plaza

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