Thursday, July 23, 2009

Give me a Balsamic a day

Im a huge fan of balsamic vinegars.

A couple of days ago i came across CresCendo, a makeshift counter in Paragon Marketplace specializing in flavoured oils & balsamic vinegars. The promoter kindly offered me samples of their bestsellers- from fruit brews to the aged. 8-year-old was piercing, 16-year-old intensely concentrated and sweet. quality stuffs. Extremely intriguing were their 4-5 year Apple balsamic & a very uplifting Pomegranate balsamic, both brewed with natural extracts. The infusion of fruits made the acid a notch more exciting. Nice!

Amazingly, the Apple Balsamic Vinegar($34+ for 100ml) is packed with plenty of health benefits which can be reaped by taking a spoonful every morning. An applebalsamic-a-day keeps the doctor away. If only i had that kind of fortune, i would trash all my apples for this lol.

CresCendo is awaiting their official opening in ION Orchard.

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  1. Saw these guys at Takashimaya before. If I'm not wrong, they also have an outlet at either biopolis or fusionopolis. Cheers!



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