Sunday, March 15, 2009

Midst of Blocktests... & Cedele!

i should be abstaining from blogging right now...

I just found a handful of reasons why not to eat out when you're right smacked in the first quarters of exams.

It was an impromptu decision to dine-out with Dad one weeknight.
An example of eating in no tranquillity.

Location: Cedele, Wheelock Place
Absentee: EOS 400d.
i wouldn't plan for any food-whoring during days like such. my mind was occupied by the turmoil of my weakest MATH paper about 12 hours ahead.

chope chope, eat & leave was chanting...

Dad chose his old-time favourite Fish Pesto Garlic Pasta ($16.80) as partner for this timerace, a dish untouched for months since the obsession. Used to be so regular i could already keep an album of its pictures! He'd probably figured the oil-glazed spaghetti, butterfly-cut fish and flavoursome coriander pesto could grant him a champion title in the unofficial who finishes their food first contest.

After enquiring that Cedele charges an insane $1++ for every prawn addition (man, these are not crystal prawns but grey prawns that you get in your hawker hei-mee!), i abolished the mushroom salad+prawns idea for the Seabass Tango Salad ($15.80) instead. Grilled seabass, three prawns, salad mix, assorted seeds. Might as well, this can satisfy a day's protein intake.

And i can't live without my carbs: fave breads from Cedele Depot~ Wholemeal Linseed for today, two superly thick slices at just a dollar. Toasted, crusted with a coffee powder-resembling aftertaste.. and hundreds of linseed dotties (:

Keeping the vectors in sight...

Having cleared the savouries,i entangled in a self-battle with desserts.

How NOT an apt time for fancy cake enjoyment. But how a good time for some sugar to aid in stress-comforting. Well i eventually succumbed to the sweets anyways. When do i ever resist desserts lol.

Picked the healthiest-sounding Blueberry Maple Cake ($6), in hope to deceitfully excuse myself from some guilt. Then observing Dad eye the three-tier slice with skepticality, i voiced my only sentence for the night before he began to tuck into his rightful half.

"its wholemeal"

DRY. The block instantly disintegrated into tiny crumbs with just a prick, its wholegrain components looking like an epidemic-infected patient suffering from dehydration. Only saving grace: layers of maple frosting with an uncanny resemblence to caramel popcorn! Mmmmmmm..

oh yes, and the healthy compromise of Cedele's bakes.

Thats what keeps me & dad returning~

Fast and unglam was how i ate.

And it so wasn't a nice sight.

i should be abstaining from blogging right now... BACK TO THE BOOKS!!


  1. I understand how it feels like to abstain from something you enjoy for exams. All the best for your papers and ace all of them =)

    Study hard and take care...

  2. The cake was great! Good choice, I enjoyed it.



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