Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Like a girl with virtuous appearance, charismatic attraction, sensual appeal, yet an alluring naughty touch.

this is one gorgeous babe.

salmon sashimi ($12)

Lunch at Hibiki began on many quality notes. From the satisfyingly soft, fat-lined Salmon sashimi trio arranged over freshly crushed ice (hear the sound of the ice-grinding machine!) .. to the multiple components of my carefully-chosen set meal. Dum dee dum.

Cubicles of dainty assortment made up my partner's Set Ichi ($24)- takosu, prawn mayo, salmon hand maki, hijiki, kinpira renkon, ika miso, chicken roll, mochi, siro hana mame, sumi udon. Smiles for the variety, boo to the passable staging. Nothing more than the decadent mayo-coated prawns and its marine relatives scored.

salmon carpaccio

My Set Go ($30)- salmon carpaccio, cheese chawanmushi, grilled chicken misoyaki, seafood nasu dengaku, asari soup, rice- deserved more positive valuation, credits to particular highlights. Heading first, a Salmon carpaccio that set my expectations floating upwards.

seafood nasu dengaku

Grease-intolerants should take caution of the Seafood nasu dengaku, a block of deepfried eggplant bathed in cloudy bean sauce. Stop at the shrimp if you wish to avert a tummy disaster. Or wash it off with the limpid Asari soup.

Asari soup

That gorgeous babe. again.

The ultimately smooth, silky steamed egg custard topped off with sinful cheese shards = miss cheese chawanmushi at its finest. Amazingly beats any tauhuay legend.. including mr rochor-pretentious!

grilled chicken misoyaki

Nothing to rave. Grilled Chicken Misoyaki was merely an average seared chicken thigh piece lifted by an optimisstic miso lotion.

*mind floats back to the chawanmushi.

sumi udon

Grey and jelly, Sumi udon is free from clumps nor unfavourable starchyness. A cup of dipping sauce and its on par with soba done with care.

gohan with a wooden lid!

We couldn't resist it.

plain chawanmushi ($8)

Gorgeous babe no.2!

Our patience was tested as we waited a torturing 20 minutes for another round of savoury custard. The non-cheese version, adeptedly prepared ala-order, was still no doubt steaming with fascinating brunts. Loved.

carrot pudding ($6)

I did not surrender before desserts. Thank goodness for my exceptional stomach capacity. Beta Carotene comes into full play with Hibiki's atypical Carrot Pudding, packed with aplenty of cooked carrot nibbles in creamy surroundings. Think (healthier) panna cotta, japanese style.

Chefs are japanese, kimono-clad waitresses trained in their nippon language.

Now im clear about heaven & hell.

and here i meant Sakae Sushi.

21 Cuppage Road
Cuppage Terrace
6736 0326

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