Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ristorante De Parma

I admire Ping for her enthuse interaction with bloggers.

While a handful are principally concerned over shunning negative blogospheric-attention, some adamant about their no-photography stance... Parma wields a different approch.

My first encounter here was one-of-a-kind.

Mango Tango

Foccacia Bread

The foccacia bread got my eyes inexplicably glued once it met the table. These rosemary-flecked rectangles resembled Modesto's complimentaries, but are done a slick better. Moister. And even a mocktail distraction became oblivious.

Mango Tango, Ping's recommendation, was like any other employment of fruit and milk.


Sipping their tomato & potato soup was a nuzzle. The starchy character of potatoes brilliantly curtained of the acidity of tomatoes... no stifling sour darts! Plus an airy-crackly breadstick worth a mention.
my kind of soup~

Antipasto Misto Petite ($16.90)

And how PETITE. Parma's antipasto misto petite, quiescently laid, is strictly for the dwarfy-appetited. Single portions of prawn, mussel, parma ham, mushroom, sundried tomatoes, roasted capsicums and black olives violently signalled as a deplorable choice.

Warm Spinach Salad

I would have much less to quibble about Ping's diet-friendly meal. A sauteed spinach and button mushroom salad copious in balsamic intensity i loved. Toe-curlingly sour but cringingly good! For me.

Pizza e Ananas con Pomodoro, Pizza Marinara ($27.90)

We did a half-and-half for the pizza, pairing Pizza e Ananas con Pomodoro (spinach, pineapple, mushroom & semi-dried tomatoes) with Pizza Marinara (prawn, squid, mussel, slipper lobster, scallop). My vote deflects more towards those tasty seafood players, scattered over a decent homemade crust and overly thick cheese blanket.

Dismissing the stop-when-you're-70%-full priggy, we nodded for desserts to parade in. Parma's not the place for such adherence- not when raves of their tiramisu already painted melodious covets in my mind...

Tiramisu ($12.90)

Ta-dah. Parma's Tiramisu. Wholly liqueur-soaked fingersponge harmoniously clamped between mascarpone mousse concocted to perfection. I was captivated.

It would be a sin to nullify this.

Note: Have it here. I've had takeaways that weren't as justifying.

Italian Carrot Cake ($8.90)

I couldn't resist ordering the italian carrot cake as well. A substantial slab heavy on carrot and walnuts, drizzled with a liquefied cheese icing, but nothing more than average.

Personal thought: the in-house baker was something.

Ristorante De Parma
14B Kensington Park Road
Serangoon Garden Estate
6281 3380


  1. the tiramisu looks good! maybe someday i will really drop by the area, soon. haha.


  2. Hmm... so this is the most-mentioned tiramisu on my blog... but Serangoon Gardens is always so far from where I stay...

    Somehow or rather tiramisu taste different for take-away and dine-in, Prego's tiramisu fared better in take-away then eat-in while vice-versa when it comes to Da Paolo...

    Between Al Dente and Ristorante De Parma, which is your recommendation? Yuan is not a fan of Italian food, so I want to use my trump card carefully =)

  3. Toe curling sour is right. I was cringing with that 1 mouth.

  4. i'm an example of taking away that unjustifiable tiramisu. But thinking back about it. It really was one of the best tiramisus I've ever had.

  5. Should do a pizza outing on Tuesdays. $12.90/pizza.

  6. brad: haha yes should finally come down to this area.. serangoon gardens is a nice place (:

    fen: hmmm, i tried different things at both places so its pretty difficult to judge between them. one thing i can say is Al Dente would definitely be a better choice for photography and ambience.. the rooftop's got a nice view of the esplanade/marina area.

    but for italian food (though i haven't tried alot), there are some which caters more to my liking. i personally like La Nonna (by senso) for their pasta, Modesto's for their wood-fired pizzas & Peperoni Pizzeria (by les amis) for the service and homely atmosphere (: hope this is of help to your decision-making.. but taste is still subjective =p

    sihan: yupp i thought the takeaway was good.. but the dine-in version was even better =D

    fatpig: ya ok you shall go plan an outing haha. i felt theirs was okay, but i still prefer Modesto's with its yummy charred aftertaste. the effect of wood-fired ovens! (:

  7. Hi Elaine, Thanks for the review ;) The pics looked good and I'm glad you had a good time with us.




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