Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sushi Nogawa

First it was Italian

Then came French

Now, im craving Japanese ever-so-often. Love sashimeeeee!

Project Lure-Dad-to-Nogawa-using-rave-reviews was a success.

Nogawa should ring a bell in your head. For 31 years (since 1978!) they've long earned a reputation in fine Japanese cuisine, under the mighty hands of Chef Yoshio Nogawa. Even Mr President & MM Lee were patrons!

Apart from sashimi premiums they offer a range of wallet-friendly Don sets, including this Shake Don Dad had. A generous bowl of steamed rice scattered with scrambled tamago, cooked salmon flakes & salmon roe; a few of his favourite things. At $15 this is legibly a good run for money.

I went all out for Chirashi Sushi Misaki ($35) hoping for sashimi galore. Ordering Chirashi is exciting. Like a mystery dish. What you get is highly volatile, depending on the day's fresh catch & chef's discretion, so never assume replicas.

Over here, the sashimi & miscellanies are separated instead of having the works crammed altogether. There was top-notch ikura, tamago that required more seasoning, unagi, kani sticks, pink cod floss, and a super tasty brown compote. Over soft mushy rice.

Salmon, hamachi, amaebi & a tiny piece of scallop fresh and good allocated on my sashimi plate.

The set also comes with a small chawanmushi and distasteful cube of gelatinous konnyaku. The latter was ewwwwww.... totally repelling. But nothing bugged me more than subpar rice in any chirashi.

Sliced melons to conclude our sets.

Standalone i have no aversions to Nogawa's fine quality. The cooked set lunches are extremely satiating and value-for-money. Pity was, they lacked the kind of awe which Tatsuya prompts...

Sushi Kaiseki Nogawa
100 Orchard Road
#03-25 Concorde Hotel
6732 2911


  1. Elaine,

    I think you ought to give them a second chance.

    Go for the pure sushi/sashimi sets. BTW, was it Chef Kevin who served you?

  2. Elaine,

    Coincidentally I also lunched at Nogawa yesterday and had the Chirashi set. Likewise, I was underwhelmed, will be posting my experience soon. You should try Aoki's Mazechirashi, it is absolutely stunning.


  3. sleepy cat: hi there, ive tried Aoki too and i loved it! both sushi and chirashi there are top-notch (:



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