Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mugging mornings

Always a merry breakfast at Starbucks (:

Did you know Raffles City is brewing 24 hours everyday?


  1. For all the hardworking students to mug overnight at :) They do have some breakfast sets, not fantastic but I think one of the better one sis their belgium waffles. SO hard to find belgium waffles in Singapore!

    If you're still in the midst of mugging, keep going! I am too :( We can get through this!

  2. hi there, thanks so much.. you press on too alright!

    yup i do see students 'camping' there, to mug or rush out, and they've got a really fun and friendly crew there. i like their cinnamon roll, almond buttercake & oatmeal (:

    get them to drizzle some choc/ caramel sauce on your waffles... it beats the butter n jam! (:

  3. happy mugging, starbucks is my contanst mugging companion! haha.

    all the best for ur exams!



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