Thursday, November 26, 2009


Say mee-kai.

Restaurants do me a huge favor when they insert a pronounciation pointer beside their names. Talk about moments of mooting 'ab-SIN-th' at Absinthe while Maitre d' Philippe Pau was lingering around; Or years of blazoning my love for (Cedele) SEE-deli's artisanal bakes when the trendsetting cafe was named to read SIR-deli. How embarrassing, elaine.

I learn from lessons. Now i make it a point to unearth all verbal verities before risking ignominy again. And to my greatest surprise, when i quizzed mum about Mykii, she actually answered mee-kai. Spot-on.

I'm picky when it comes to our rare family meals, mindful to ensure our dissimilar food preferences are regarded. Ideally Mykii had the refreshing decor & asian-hinting western menu to please all cards.

Beginning our set lunch with a Creamy Tomato Soup definitely hit the spot. The usually-sharp tomato piquancy is nicely shielded by a moderate touch of basil and cream, making it appetizingly welcoming.

Sis the all-cream pasta fan opted for the Mushroom Linguine ($13.80) in cream sauce, recounted as decent but a tad bland.

I am anti thin fish fillets.
I am anti fish-in-thick-flour-coatings.

When the two happen to superimpose, you get disgruntlement twofold. Their Pan-fried Dory Fish ($13.80) with roasted root vegetables is dunked in liberal batter that a jacket forms. It is not inferior, just bomb-denotating for me. Nonetheless the viscid garlic cream sauce was sugary nice~

I read enough about their Seafood Linguine with Laksa Pesto ($15.80) to summon an order. The condiments in soupy broth resembled your routine prawn-fishcake-taupok laksa, reformed with pasta, squid & clams instead of see-hums. You don't get bubbling hot gravy at your neighborhood coffeeshops too.

Uh-oh Rose meringue unappreciated. Rawish-centered, awfully sweet, artificial barbie pink were just characteristics out of the folks' tray. A pity no choice was offered for the set's dessert.

Reluctant to leave with a dessert grudge, i popped another Raspberry Macaron ($2) down my sugar-well. Here's more barbie pigment in a light acceding shell but i wish they would revise their rickety buttercream.

Despite the disconcerting surge of small cafes, characterized or characterless, i'm loving the service of these modest businesses. They value feedback, earnestly try to ensure a satisfying exit (lest you ruin their reputations haha) and i admit service is a huge hoo-ha to me. Shame on some profit-driven establishments who fail to even take cognizance of diners' dissatisfactions. Small is good.

Mykii Brasserie Cafe
17d Lorong Liput
Holland Village
6468 2838

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