Sunday, October 18, 2009

I wanna cook

A sudden hoard of emotions gushed through me as i walked down the supermarket aisle today. I had the urge to grab a basket and pick up ingredients to cook.

The urge to whip up some creamy scrambled eggs perfumed with truffle oil then pile them over toasts; the urge to stack silvers of smoked salmon on english muffins, poach eggs & whisk up smooth runny hollandaise sauce.... But NO, i CAN'T.

I miss preparing sunday breakfasts.

I miss my time in the kitchen. I miss hearing the sizzles in the pan. I miss watching my bakes in the oven. I miss the aroma of freshly made food.

Once the exams are over, i swear to camp in the kitchen. Immerse myself in food, cooking & baking. I'll entertain. Host teatime parties. Plan 5-course dinners. Do the things which genuinely pleases myself...

I'm sorry for the haphazard entry.
I really needed to release.

Countdown: 43 more days to kitchen freedom.


  1. Haha, can I self-invite myself to your 5-courses dinner? Anyway, good luck!! =)

  2. hey.. if mfd is coming for the 5 course dinner then count me in too! hehe. actually, i'm not that greedy. heeh breakfast would do fine too! hehe. Hang in there girl.. I can smell freedom coming for you too!

  3. yeah, can I invite myself to your imminent breakkie or dinner? I don't mind to pay too!Haha..(half-serious). You should start up personal catering as your part time job eh!
    P/S Looking forward to your cooking posts and perhaps invitation hehe:)

  4. thank you girls for your confidence in me! (even when uncertain if my food is up to mark or not oops)

    well when my skills are finally up to mark, i would certainly wish to organize a session with u girls. how bout starting with a potluck first hehe =p

    I wanna try sihan's bakes too!

  5. potluck? okay okay.. i don't mind.

  6. heya, probably in the future all the restaurant will serve all day breakfast! Seems like everybody enjoyed breakfast a lot. And Elaine, you took very good pictures!

    Breakfast, kitchen and baking are coming in your way soon! All the best! cheers! :)



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