Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Craving all things Japanese

I'm suddenly hankering for Japanese cuisine so badly. Not just any japanese food... but those of accredited restaurants & finesse masters toiling behind counter bars, slicing fish after fish, moulding sushi after sushi.

Dreaming fresh luscious sashimi from sake to kajiki to ikura, heavy-top light-bottomed real sushis, succulent aburi hotate, sweet spongy tamagoyaki, silken chawanmushi, tender glazed gindara misoyaki, robust red miso soup clouded with salmon belly, tofu & smooth wakame (or tonjiru great too!), tasty hijiki appetizers, springy chasoba slicked in umami broths, and a scoop of zesty yuzu sherbet to round off... ooh heavens!

All things delicate & delish encompassed in this splendid cuisine, screamingly satisfying. I so wanna do a good omakase soon!


  1. Let's have Jap on Sunday!! =) Omakase will have to wait. See you on Sunday!

  2. we can't wait for the outing on sun too! :)

  3. hey girls, see you all then! (:



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