Friday, October 2, 2009

Au Jardin Les Amis

Indeed Au Jardin (french for "in the garden") is impeccable.

I was unreservedly fond of my dinner at the Les Amis establishment. Contemporary gastronomic french cuisine overseen by debonair waitstaffs, amidst the pristine settings of Botanic Gardens. Au Jardin triumphs with its unique location and promising conduct.

Dinner here is a straightforward affair. The menu only grants a 6-course Degustation or a 4-course Table d'Hote (which we did), fully ample of lavish ingredients. Chef Galvin Lim's style is characterized by light sauces and delicate flavours which functions remarkably well.

Fancy crackling on Seaweed Crisps dusted in specks of black. Moderately seasoned, lightly tickling without the nastiness of salt rocks. These beguiled me more than 53's vinegar chips.

Of Walnut roll, Foccacia and Baguette offered, i declared love for...Walnut! A dainty quenelle of thin conforming crust, breaking into chockfull of wholegrain innards. Foccacia performed with clever onion inclusions.

Prawn & Basil Papillote, apple jelly, salmon roe, citrus foam

I love it when Amuse Bouches display meticulous thought. Here's the systematic approach: one. Bite into the golden-brown roll enveloping fresh prawn & basil leaf, no excess grease squirmed. two. Sense extraordinarily light foam vanishing from your tongue within moments, leaving an intriguing mist of citrus. three. Jumble up the salmon roe & fibrous granny smith jelly. Witness the waltz.

This amuse bouche amused.

Alaskan King Crab carpaccio, french caviar, white miso, pepper kinome, oxalis

A beautiful carpaccio of Alaskan King crab stoned beneath graceful caviar clods and edible petals. Olive oil summed up bulk of its seasoning, though i felt an extra squeeze of lemon would better nick the fishiness.

Maine lobster, orange vanilla, herbs salad

Nothing beats the perfect marriage of luscious Maine Lobster flesh ornated in orange vanilla sauce for me. The translucent sauce was studded with real vanilla beans... citrusy inviting, splendid and very delightful. This collates two of my magnificent faves into one brilliant picture. 100% love.

roasted duck liver, candied crushed almonds, nudja chilli

Apart from the instrumental fats of Roasted Foie Gras, my partner was in especial awe of the nudja chilli touches in the sauce. Tiny bits of candied crushed almonds enhanced texture.

abalone sous vide, algae brown butter

Despite feeble tackles on leathery abalone's chewing demands, i seeked algae brown butter sauce for solace.

Grilled Japanese Wagyu Striploin, sweet corn, pearl onion, australian winter truffle

He claimed he had better than this mollifying portion of grilled japanese Wagyu Striploin, sweetcorn and onions. But who would refuse generous shavings of aussie Winter Truffles?

officially unwrapping my en papillote...

Flounder fillet, alaskan king crab, mushrooms, leeks, Iberian ham, "En Papillote"

Here's my flounder fish parcel, topped with alaskan crab claw & iberian ham. Cooking "en papillote" (in parchment paper) retains the fish oils and juices, nicely steeping the fish moist and blotted. The crab was clearly underseasoned but juliennes of fine iberian ham made up for it.

Had it been a snowywhite cod sitting in that packet, i'll be doubly pleased.

A platter of Les Mignardises dribbled in before desserts. Madeleines with humps, caneles, chocolate and caramel nut lollis. Almost as enticing as a kid's playground.

Apple tartin 'New Version'

Oh how gorgeously browned, caramelized apple slices sitting atop frangipane pastry, served with vanilla icecream & aloe vera cubes. We won't deny.

Red Plum chilled soup, vanilla icecream

Then a chilled Red Plum Soup primed bliss. A fruit soup isn't most reflective of my dessert preference but i'm thankful i took the plunge. Every spoonful of this pink pool was appetizing and revitalizing. Once the puffed vanilla icecream steadily melts in... you get a creamy depth oh-so-divine.

I never scraped up a soup so clean.

Leaving the colonial retreat was like a sad, sad farewell. I enjoyed the entire Au Jardin experience, with lotsa adoration.

Au Jardin Les Amis
1 Cluny Road
EJH Corner House
Singapore Botanic Garden Visitors Centre
6466 8812


  1. Dinner looks divine! I <3 the mini walnut loaf too. :)

  2. the food looks temptingly irresistable. haha. how much is the price? surely 3 figure n above.

  3. This is on my to-go-list!! Haha, helpful if you can disclose the price =) Anyway, lovely pics as usual.

  4. the Table d'Hors menu i had was $150++ per person, and $200++ for the Degustation. really expensive but worth it (:

  5. Looks delectable! Nice pix and wonderful write up, so much so that I feel tempted to go there right now.

  6. HFB: thanks for the comment~ yup you should try it...the ambience at night is superb, perfect for a date (:

  7. think some of the good stuff on the menu never change since i tried the degustation menu in 2006. great review and pics.

  8. So sorry but I could not resist but I have to correct you.

    It is Table d'hôte, not 4-course Table d'Hors.

    Cheers :) .

  9. so sorry to have made that glaring mistake =p thank you for correcting me!

  10. Its all cool :) I am a person that if I do see a mistake and I can never resist the temptation to blurt it out. No offence yeah? I am very impressed and envious of all your trips to posh eating places. I really wonder how you manage your finances haha..



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