Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chalk Restaurant

Arty-farty bistros are bustling up in education institutes lately.

Chalk's the resident star of the Old School (formerly MGS), dressed in smart colors and discernibly well-loved by the vibrant New School thinkers. Casual and chic the way i like it.

My first moments began with a cheery waitress who recognized me from her ex-workplace Peperoni Pizzeria haha. Two types of breads are served here: a presumable baguette and onion foccacia, which are decent enough but not stunning to be remembered.

Someone close to me is hooked to Spaghetti Vongole ($23)- a dish hardly served in an organized fashion. But at Chalk, concern for presentation is evident. The clams didn't stick out from random angles but instead concentrically arranged below the pasta. With kicks of chilli padi, cherry tomatoes and fresh parsley, it tasted clean without being bland.

My love for pizza is clearly infiltrating... or am i just bent on finding the best? Chalk does a conspicuously nice Capricciosa ($15 for 10") delegating artichokes, ham, shitake mushrooms, black olives and a soft gentle cheese. My request for garlic over olives blended in fittingly. The crust was puffed & crisp-sustaining... only flawed by a dearth of wood-fired goodness. Pity.

Finishing this is peanuts for my astounding pizza capacity.

I liked whatever Creme Brulee i dug out of the teardrop bowl... contents of exquisitely smooth baked custard clung with occasional screams of yolk-iness that's not overwhelming. Even if so, it comes with pistachio hazelnut biscotti sticks to intervene. One of the more outstanding renditions on my list.

I'm having a predicative fore-crush on their desserts, am soooo returning for the rest of the lineup. I spy passionfruit souffle, apple & rhubarb crumble, vanilla pannacotta, chocolate fondant & crepes suzette... Looks like a dessert-dedicated visit is necessary.

If youthful casual-chic is your thing, Chalk is likely up your alley.

Chalk Restaurant @ Mount Sophia
11 Mount Sophia
6883 2120

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  1. am looking for the best pizza in singapore.. where is it?:)



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