Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Dengue Tale

It all happened in a flash.

1 fainting.
15 minutes of unconsciousness.
39 degree celsius.
4 litres drip/day.
20+ bloodtests & needle pricks.
50+ visitors.
7 days of hospitalization.

That week God showed me how blessed i am. Pain aside, he planted caring nurses, pleasant roomies, oodles of friends & family members by my side. And ensured abundance of food. Seriously, i can't say enough thankyous to the many darlings who kept me company.

Shall bypass the bloody needle scenes and zoom straight into edibles....

breakfast in bed (:

One thing for sure, my perception of hospital meals certainly changed. Food at SGH is not bad at all! In Class B1 wards you get a daily selection of chinese/western/vegetarian/indian halal for your meals, served right under your nose. Teatime arrives promptly at 3.

Vegetarian: Potato-stuffed Taupok

Chinese: Fish in Black Bean Sauce

yummy Western: Baked Fish Fillet (even ate up the salted peas)

not-so-yummy Western: Chicken in Tomato Gravy

Teatime: Pumpkin tart & Lipton tea

Of course i couldn't survive solely on hospital meals. I had my fair share of smuggled nosh too.... plus those plushies, balloons, fruit baskets & flowers (in background) to brighten my days. Love my friends!

Mini Taiyakis from Isetan Kyushu Fair
Loved Rare Cheese & Caramel.

Azabu Sabo Matcha Icecream take-home pack. all mine.

14oz of Yami Yogurt natural delight

homemade bento from a colleague. cod & prawns!

I'll never forget how timely this angel arrived. These foods spell B.I.N.G.O

salmon sashimi never tasted better. missed it so bad.

Say Cheeze's Blueberry Cheesecake totally hit the right spot.
*poof* within minutes.

....& many more.

*widest smile ever* (on my awful unadorned face)

Thanks a million to all who came, for making elaine a happy happy patient!

P.s. Please beware of mozzies!


  1. Glad that you're all well now anyway =)

  2. oh my.. mozzies.. scary things they are. On the bright side of things.. at least, you've got all that yummy food as companions! Glad you're well too!

  3. So it was dengue. Was wondering why you were in the hospital. Glad you are better!

  4. good that u've recovered! cheers to good health and more feasting!

  5. thanks alot guys! I'm so glad im well again & back (:

  6. good to have u back. im currently working in a dengue lab and while we don't pray for more cases, we do hope for more blood samples from hospitals for research.

    anyways, after recovering, u're now strongly immune to 1 out of 4 dengue serotypes! :)

  7. i've got so much of my blood taken! sure to have contributed to ur research haha ;p



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