Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Night of Cake Boss & Cake Decorating

Meet Buddy Valastro. An award-winning pastry chef & cake artist in the United States, master baker of Carlo's City Hall Bake.

CAKE BOSS takes you into Buddy's kitchen, where you can witness behind-the-scene processes of creating edible art out of flour and sugar, churning out old-school recipes and remarkably modern cakes. It's gonna get unimaginable... all baking-enthusiasts should catch this!


As part of CAKE BOSS's launch, i was invited by Discovery Travel & Living to attend a cake decorating session at the Creative Culinaire School. That night we had 3 hours of fun learning basic buttercream piping & fondant techniques from Chef Judy Koh.

refreshments from Cafe Pralet

smoked salmon sandwich & Pralet's signature cake

Lesson begins...

Chef's demonstration, then hands-on!

Bloggers that night: Julia (Aromacookery), me & Keropokman

i like the cheery yellow colour!

my Sunflower Cupcakes with cute ladybugs

the fondant cake i designed.
eeks sorry for amateurish workmanship x)

For real decorating action, be sure to catch CAKE BOSS every Wednesday at 7pm, only on Discovery Travel & Living (Starhub Channel 16). Encores every Wednesday 5am/1pm, Thursday 1am & Sunday 4am/12pm/6pm.

My special thanks to Discovery Travel & Living Asia, and Weber Shandwick for the invitation.


  1. do you have ED?

  2. hi i'm sorry what do you mean by ED?

  3. to anonymous:
    that is so rude of you..i dont think she has an ED,she may be active in sports or she has a high metabolic rate. not all skinny people have ED.
    to elaine:
    ED = eating disorder

  4. nope, i'm definitely not one with an ED. any friends who know me personally can vouch for it =p

    i have a amazing appetite (no kidding!), am not active in sports, but my job is pretty energy demanding. & i can't possibly have an ED when im in this field. Taste, taste, taste is what a chef has to do everyday.

    Hope this can clear ur misconceptions about me! Cheers. (:



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