Thursday, April 8, 2010


While i find time to juggle between my crazily time-demanding job & drafting blog entries, here's something small to share...

Nothing big at all. Just a little poster girl for Yami Yogurt.

Never thought i'll ever be one. I'm far from a beauty & clearly devoid of model material, but i believe it is the genuine YamiY love that made this a reality. (hell knows how many cups i've already consumed since young haha... )

On a side note, Passion is one powerful angel that can fly you far in life. My passion is food and creating good food. Im glad i've anchored my future upon my truest passion (:

Updates real soon.
Go grab your Yami today!


  1. Wow, congratulations and you look gorgeous... Nice poster for YAMI yogurt since you give a youthful, bubbly and happy image :D

  2. hawt stuff sugar. hawt sugar makes you caramel. ;)

  3. You look always :) I've been secretly supporting your blog and I admire you with your passion for food and doing something to achieve it. :)

  4. *weet weet!* wise choice of ambassador!

  5. This is lovely. All the best at work girl. :)

  6. thank you darlings for the comments! (: So happy to see you coming even though my blog's so stagnant now. hope to be updating much more often than this..

    harris: plus you it becomes... SALTED CARAMEL! lol yums ;)

  7. have been reading your blog for a fairly long time already and you look pretty here :) just really jealous how you manage to be so skinny!

  8. Wow would you look at that...and you say it's nothing big at all? It's yami yoghurt! That's big enough for me. I love granola as my topping. XD

  9. u are very humble, but seriously, u look very sweetly gorgeous and must be a really a nice gal at heart

    and love yr food too .. hehe



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