Tuesday, February 9, 2010

K ki ケーキ

K ki houses a couple's sweet dreams.

I simply enjoy inhaling the innocent air of K ki. Rustic woodsy simplicity. Passion & love in the cakes. It's contagiousness will get anybody infected.

Husband-and-wife team Delphine & Kenneth runs this little patisserie. The man's a self-taught baker, uncannily Japanese-looking, who puts much doting love into producing the dainty cakes. You'll feel it.

Oooh check out the heartthrob! Antoinette ($8) helms white chocolate mousse at its most pleasurable texture, flawlessly tamed in optimal sweetness. I'm not normally fond of ivory but this totally pulled me over. It's bliss in every bite, bliss every second of those bites.

Not only the fairy mousse & feathery sponge worked wonders.. right from its center gushed a lovely mango insert. Heavenly. For Antoinette i'll always say, "I do."

Mona ($8) depicts seduction in a different fashion. A condensed milk chocolate mousse is subtly infused with the psyche of fresh bananas, paired over moist dacquoise. No airy fairy clouds here but the invisible banana soul is bound to cajole the banana-ramas.

Delphine kindly offered us cocoa & coconut sable samples too.

Coconut rocked. The tiny coins laced with sugar crytals are coconutty, buttery good and crumble away in delight. Tasted a fraction like Kueh Bangkit but 10 times yummier. Seriously, they make excellent cny nibbles!

K ki spells sweet love. And i'll be back soon for more... Just watch me.

K ki + the little drom store
7 Ann Siang Road
6225 6650


  1. Lovely pictures of Antoinette! The coconut sables are awesome! It's like butter cookie x1000000 delicious.

    Lovely cakes for a lovely girl. Strawberry tart next. (:

  2. that looks so delicious, but $8 a slice is so expensive :(

  3. ice: yes i have to say kenneth does good sables (: Hoping to try the tart next. & cheese tart. & strawberry shortcake. & pumpkin pud... oh no, so many haha!

    khite: hi there. yea kki's prices may be slighty steeper for some cakes (considering sizes) but i believe they are crafted with quality ingredients.

    there are also cheaper slices ranging from $5+ onwards..or you could bring your friends to share them too (:

  4. Elaine - I am Dennis from Fotocology, not sure if you still remember me. I am sorry I took so long to comment (because I dun have the habit to), but I just wanna say I follow your blog very closely and simply adore all your food recommendations, tips and photography as well. You are indeed young and talented.

    I just want to let you know I took the liberty to share your blog on my facebook to my friends! Hope that is ok with you! Anyway add me if you have a FB! dennischongwk@gmail.com

    Keep up the fantastic blog work and I look forward to salivating over my lap top! Maybe we can even do some food photography together!


  5. hi Dennis,

    yes of course i do rmb you & your great wedding photography. Thanks so much for commenting & for the compliments, i am really glad you enjoyed reading this little blog of mine.

    Sure the word of good food is for sharing (: carry on with your stunning camera work too, i look forward to seeing more!

  6. Hello.. her name is actually delphine..

  7. oops im sorry for the human error! will get it changed right away, thanks alot for informing me =D

  8. hi, you're following me on twitter.. do i know you from anyone?

    and by the way, nice blog... the food looks even better...

  9. Was there over the weekend and those cakes are really good!



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