Sunday, December 21, 2008


Eat Well, Be Well.

That is the winner phrase which Cedele lives on. The classic saying goes 'health is wealth'...and this is Cedele's unrivalled market strategy. By offering dishes ignited with wholegrains and health-boosting ingredients, consumers are convinced of receiving well-balanced meals in store.

The variety proves no deficiency as well- ranging from breakfast pancakes, hearty sandwiches, pastas to ranges of gourmet drinks and desserts- there is bound to be something new for Dad and i to savour each time.

Lemon Butter Salmon ($21.90)

Plum Sesame Salmon ($21.90)

We were both craving for an omega-fatty-acids-boost in different styles. Dad had the western Lemon Butter Salmon, featuring a skin-on fillet doused in clarified citrus sauce and raw salad by the side. Potato mash was replaced by organic brown rice upon his request.

I preferred the oriental Plum Sesame Salmon, a pepper-seasoned butterfly salmon steak cut served with a chinese greens stirfry that felt like a homely cai-fan dish. My heart goes out to my switch of carbs; from rice to the wholesomely handcrafted wholemeal sunflower seed bread.. loved that.

Grapefruit Juice ($6.90) & Almond Semolina Cake ($6.50)

There was no way we would skip desserts here. The Almond Semolina Cake frosted with yummy pistachio cream cheese, boasts an unconventional use of durum wheat flour, and is copious with a special almond and olive oil aftertaste. Washed it down with a glass of fresh Grapefruit Juice.

Nothing beats having healthy wholesome meals without sacrificing one bit of satisfaction. We love Cedele for its guilt-free delights. I can already foresee our next visit, anytime soon.

Cedele by Bakery Depot
501 Orchard Road
#03-14 Wheelock Place


  1. i want to go back Cedele, because i thought of a very fun way to write the post. hahaha. btw u need to update your sidebar, The foodie, loves her canon 400d! :P

  2. Hey Elaine,

    Nice meetin u yesterday... I like your simplicity of the blog, easier to find stuff and the pictures are outstanding against the black background...

  3. Hello Elaine! Was great meeting you that day :) Omg I am a huge fan of Cedele!! I've worked there before! :)

  4. heys Fen and Vicki,

    so glad to hear from you all! yes it was so great to meet both of you... whom i can learn from =D Thanks Fen for the comments (: oh i love Cedele lots too, haha! which outlet did you work at?

  5. been to this establishment..tried out a fusion dish called Laksa Rosa (if i remember it right)..
    everything was fine until I found a short thick dark hair at the bottom of the pasta towards the end of my meal...
    prices here are quite high in my opinion..what do you think?



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