Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sushi Tei... for Salmon!

The first thing i craved for upon arrival in Singapore (from Vietnam) was fish- particularly my favourite salmon. Having been deprived of a decent fish fix for fourteen days was close to torture for a seafoodie like me.

As we drove past Playground @ Big Splash, flashes of melty salmon sashimi scrolled across my mind, and i immediately signalled Dad to turn in.

I badly wanted, needed, desired a seafood feast.

Ikura ($6.50)

At $6.50 for a fist-sized portion, Ikura was a luxurious indugle. But to think of those juiceful popping sensations they entail in your mouth, the pricetag becomes bleary to consider about.

Ika Chidori ($5)

Ika Chidori has been one of Sushi Tei's most long-standing dish since we began patronising. Chilled raw squid tossed with a seaweed and roe blend. You would require a wasabi+soy dip to find real taste in this one.

Seafood Salad ($9.90)

All of a sudden the Seafood Salad felt doubly heavenly! Mixed sashimi pieces over crisp lettuce greens, fresh and refreshing with its citrus wafuu dressing.

Kani Chahan with Salmon Roe ($16)

On the Hokkaido Special Menu we found the Kani Chahan with Salmon Roe, which was acceptably flavoured but could clearly do with more crab morsels and ikura for that $16 incurred.

Seafood Yosenabe ($12.90)

Their Seafood Yosenabe could pull off as a main course with its glass noodle contents and range of seafood protein. The soup base's clear yet tasty, but the seafood may shrivel if left swimming in there for too long.

Salmon Shio ($9.90)

Not to forget my salmon fix. I enjoyed every morsel of this salt-seasoned Salmon Shio chunk, grilled to firm doneness. Even though its a tad dry, i'll call it Salmon Shio-k for this time.

Sushi Tei
902 East Coast Parkway
Blk B, #01-06 Playground @ Big Splash

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