Monday, April 4, 2011

To Be Revived

Please pardon me for the lack of updates, primarily due to:

(i) A priority placed on schoolwork. 
I'm clearly excited to rave about those amazing nosh i've consumed. Every time a pleasurable morsel of something unravels in my mouth, i feel the urge to share my joy. But when i am made to choose between scripting paragraphs of food emotions, or prepare my recipe cards for tomorrow's class, the latter takes the win. I'm spending hours & hours baking in the bakeshop everyday and i can't be happier about it.

(ii) Over-consumption of yums.
The New York food scene is undeniably impressive. I've been eating way too many notable food here (both in school & New York City), that it is almost impossible to catch up with everything in words. Food enters my mouth, instant satisfaction felt, mental notes made... -pause-. One day i'll regurgitate it all. Believe me, i will. 

I'm starting my action plan. So keep looking back!

baking away... soon i'll be blogging away too.

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