Friday, September 10, 2010


Alas, the hiatus is over.

I know i took an incredibly long post-work recovery break, and i ought to get back on the flogging track.

This 6 months flew past in a wink. So swiftly it seemed, i completed my stint at Swissotel the Stamford & Fairmont Hotel Singapore. Tough times engulfed, fun times streamed by, mistakes made, lessons learnt... and it ends with a fullstop.

To all the Equinox staff & pastry department colleagues who's been great in any way (& many ways), thank you so much for coloring my experience. The hotel line may have been proven to be tedious and time-occupying, but you guys provided the smiles & laughters to subtract some weariness. It all counts.

Updates. After the attachment, i embarked on a leisure revisit to Kyushu -Cakes & Ramen Wonderland- for 6 days, and feasted on almost 5 kg worth of sugary weight. The food scene there is so awesomely crafted; from delish cakes to exotic sushis (think Kumamoto horse meat sashimi) to fabulous market deals (rack of uni sashimi at S$6.50!) to slurpalicious ramen (notches higher than Ippudo) to hearty handmade soba & tofu... Every Yen & calorie lives up to its value. I dare say indulging in Japan is the most worthwhile of all (:
Await the brief pictorial entries coming up...

Right now i am every bit looking forward to enrolling into school this November.
2 months to eat Singapore up!


  1. nice to hear from you again! kyushu sounds awesome, can't wait to see your pictures (:

  2. cant wait! *Rubs hands in delight*

  3. welcome back! What a great experience! Looking forward for more posts!

  4. Looking forward to your updates, Elaine.

  5. thanks so much guys! im really happy u all are still following this blog (:

  6. Hi elaine! An avid reader of your blog here :) Read that you enrolled into CIA and i was thinking of enrolling in too after my tertiary studies. However may i find out from you whether is there any experience requirements before I am eligible to enroll into the school as my situation is quite similar like yours, taking a leap of faith into this industry :/

  7. jiayou elaine! haha, dun stop at this one post again and leave us in suspense for another 3 months. continue to update more stuff! =)

  8. hi elaine!

    nice lookin site and surprised to hear u r so young yet so knowledgable about food, i am truly impressed!

    and seeing u doin the apprenticeship makes me respect u quite a fair bit ...

    i just started my own blog recently, so come visit me sometime soon :)

  9. Hello Elaine, nice meeting u just now! Chef in the making :D Pretty exciting journey ahead of you! See you reaaally soon yeah? :)

  10. Justin: hi justin. nice to hear about our similar interests (: are you planning to take up culinary or baking & pastry? yes there is an experience requirement of at least 6months in the industry (in kitchen where 70% food prepped fresh on premise).

    here's a helpful link for u to get started on your CIA plans:

  11. Matt: thanks for ur support matt, yes i will.

    Ian: Hi Ian, thanks alot for visiting & ur kind comments! Nice blog you've got there, keep the cooking & blogging going~

    Charlene: yea it was one good gathering.. we should meet up more regularly. btw u & chew make a really cute, sweet couple (:

  12. Hi Elaine,

    Thanks for visiting! Glad you liked it ... come back soon!

    And good luck too! You sound like a force to be reckoned with in time to come hehe


  13. Hi Elaine,

    I am planning to take baking and pastry. Just wondering where did you work for the 6 months of industry requirement?



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