Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Have you ever as a child, desired to be a famous personality or pledged to pursue a particular profession?

People always say childhood interests don't sustain. And true enough, many of our aspirations switch at the frequency of wardrobe revamps.

When i was young, nothing quite lasted. My personal collections hopped from PEZ figurines to stickers, to phonecards, to character plasters, to stamps yada yada... I was a typical 3-minute hotness child. (translate please)

Only amazingly, one ambition in me never wavered...

I aspired to be a chef.

Dreams are meant for pursuing, aren't they?

2009 for me was more than just a realization year. It was a turning point. A start of my career. A preliminary foray into the industry i've long been passionate about.

The question was: culinary or pastry arts?

I gave serious thought to both, but after much contemplation chose the latter. Baking shall be my career; Culinary remains an interest.

In about 10 months time I will be in NY pursuing my 2-year Degree in Professional Studies of Baking & Pastry Arts at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America (CIA) (all by God's grace that i managed to pass their stringent admission selections!)

Next week, i'm officially diving into the real world. Slogging in a commercial kitchen decked in my new whites, prepared to be baking for a lifetime. So farewell to home-baking, leisure meals & public holidays boohoo :(

Blogging will slow down but i'll try my very best to update. Promise!


  1. You'll be in good hands with Chef KK. (: Best of luck elaine!

  2. jiayou elaine! all the best in ur baking journey! :) *dun forget ur food blogger frens...heexxx.

  3. 加油加油!! 我永远支持你!!

  4. congrats elaine! you deserve it ;)

  5. God bless Elaine. It's not going to be easy but looking at your talents it'll be worth it!!!

    If you decide to open your restaurant in Singapore, I'll definitely patronize u!

    :) iris


  6. congrats, you are now one step closer to Divine Essentials :)

  7. Congratulations once again Elaine! Awesomely proud of you :)

  8. Haha I know I've congratulated you before, but once more won't hurt right? Congrats, girl! =)

  9. i admire ur courage to pursue your passion for baking. most of us take the direct route to universities and stuff but you haven chosen otherwise! grats and wish u success in pursuing ur dream! =)

  10. Hi Eliane, i do not know you personally but i've been following your blog since 2009, and i'm really happy for u! :) All the best with in your baking adventures! :)

  11. Hey avid fan of ur blog. Congrads girl! Open a resturant here after u graduate & i'll be a regular! haha

  12. oh my, CONGRATS!! that's a marvellous news to start off a tiger year!

  13. Amazing! I look forward to the day I step into your shop!

  14. Really, a BIG THANK YOU everyone!

    thanks for all the wishes & encouragement, i will try hard to survive hehe. shop-wise, im afraid there's still many many many many years to wait =p

  15. i'm thrilled when you told me and more happy for u when you've announced, you have no idea how many of us are soo proud of your pursuit for happiness. All the best with everything you're doing girl. Btw, where are u working at now?

  16. Hi Elaine
    Congrats & have fun!
    A big welcome to the F&B industry.
    But be prepared for the very long hours standing in the kitchen...bring along a pair of comfy slippers or crocs / scholl for after work wear. Oh yes...pack along a "box", yes, a box of Tiger Balm (Warm) plaster, it really helps with all those standing.

    All the best!

  17. Glad you are joining the bandwagon :)

    And NY City! How cool is that....!!!



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